The Importance of Taking Pictures at The Scene of an Accident

taking puctures of a damaged carIf you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in a Motor vehicle accident, one of the most important things you should do is ensure that you take pictures as soon after the accident occurs as possible.

Naturally, your first priority beforehand is to ensure that you and the other parties involved are safe and that the vehicles do not pose a danger to you or to other road users. Also, make sure that you seek medical and police help if it is required. Once you have ascertained that all of those elements are covered, you should begin to take pictures. Most modern cell phones are equipped with a camera, however if your phone does not have a camera you should try and find a local store to purchase a disposable one. Tip: write down the license plate(s), makes, models, and colors of all vehicles involved then tell each person involved what you’re doing before you walk off.
Once you are in a position to commence taking pictures, ensure you take front, back, and side pictures of all vehicles, along with what is in the back and front of the vehicles (this will prove useful for your attorney later on). If you have been hit by another vehicle, take pictures of the tires, seat belts and any airbags that have activated. Additionally, you should also take pictures of the location of the accident, along with any obvious street identifiers such as road signs.

“You can never have too much evidence. Write down anything that seems important and take as many pictures as you can.” – Schreuder Partners – Sydney motor vehicle accident lawyer

While this may seem like an excessive number of pictures, you need to remember that if the accident progresses to litigation it can be some years before the matter is being discussed in front of a judge and jury. While you may recall specifics at the time of the accident like how many airbags launched in one vehicle, or if there were any tire marks on the street, remembering this two years down the line may prove difficult and hinder your case. More importantly it will help your attorney with your case regardless of if it progresses to trial, arbitration, or mediation.
Of course, even if the matter does not involve the court system, or any kind of litigation, then it would always be worth having these pictures for your insurance company who may need to process the claim. Finally, a great idea is to take pictures of the drivers of the vehicles including their footwear, this again would be useful for your attorney and insurance company when dealing with the claim.

Remember, you should never put yourself in danger after an accident, your priority should be the health and safety of those around you. If you ever feel in danger, call 911 and await local law enforcement to arrive.