The Importance of Taking Pictures at The Scene of an Accident

taking puctures of a damaged carIf you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in a Motor vehicle accident, one of the most important things you should do is ensure that you take pictures as soon after the accident occurs as possible.

Naturally, your first priority beforehand is to ensure that you and the other parties involved are safe and that the vehicles do not pose a danger to you or to other road users. Also, make sure that you seek medical and police help if it is required. Once you have ascertained that all of those elements are covered, you should begin to take pictures. Most modern cell phones are equipped with a camera, however if your phone does not have a camera you should try and find a local store to purchase a disposable one. Tip: write down the license plate(s), makes, models, and colors of all vehicles involved then tell each person involved what you’re doing before you walk off.
Once you are in a position to commence taking pictures, ensure you take front, back, and side pictures of all vehicles, along with what is in the back and front of the vehicles (this will prove useful for your attorney later on). If you have been hit by another vehicle, take pictures of the tires, seat belts and any airbags that have activated. Additionally, you should also take pictures of the location of the accident, along with any obvious street identifiers such as road signs.

“You can never have too much evidence. Write down anything that seems important and take as many pictures as you can.” – Schreuder Partners – Sydney motor vehicle accident lawyer

While this may seem like an excessive number of pictures, you need to remember that if the accident progresses to litigation it can be some years before the matter is being discussed in front of a judge and jury. While you may recall specifics at the time of the accident like how many airbags launched in one vehicle, or if there were any tire marks on the street, remembering this two years down the line may prove difficult and hinder your case. More importantly it will help your attorney with your case regardless of if it progresses to trial, arbitration, or mediation.
Of course, even if the matter does not involve the court system, or any kind of litigation, then it would always be worth having these pictures for your insurance company who may need to process the claim. Finally, a great idea is to take pictures of the drivers of the vehicles including their footwear, this again would be useful for your attorney and insurance company when dealing with the claim.

Remember, you should never put yourself in danger after an accident, your priority should be the health and safety of those around you. If you ever feel in danger, call 911 and await local law enforcement to arrive.

Las Vegas Family Lawyers- Who Should You Hire?

There are different reasons why people end their marriages eventually leading to an increase in the divorce rate and if you and your spouse have initiated separation proceedings then you will need to hire Las Vegas family attorney for providing you legal assistance and guidance.

family law gavel

Separation involves dealing with complicated issues and hiring a family lawyer is the best option for you as these professionals are specifically trained for handling the case in a fair and objective manner. The lawyer will make sure that you don’t make any hasty decisions based on your fleeting emotions and will provide you the quickest resolution by evaluating the circumstance and offering an equitable division of your property and other assets.

Role of Las Vegas Family lawyer

You can trust the family lawyer with all the legal issues pertaining to the case ranging from guardianship, child custody to divorce. The lawyer is experienced and trained in handling other issues like adoption, property settlement, legitimacy, spousal abuse, surrogacy issues and child right issues.

Apart from these, the lawyer can legally handle estates and wills as these are tedious process that requires the expertise and skills of a well qualified lawyer. These lawyers are generally hired for handling divorce processes so that any delays can be avoided. When you have the legal counsel of a lawyer, you can be rest assured that all the required paperwork will be handled efficiently.

When you hire a family lawyer or a divorce attorney in Las Vegas, NV, you can avoid delayed rulings since legal issues take too long and it can also be very frustrating and exhausting. Thus when you hire a lawyer, you can be rest assured that these delays can be avoided and you will complete all the procedure as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of hiring a family lawyer

When you hire a Las Vegas family lawyer you will enjoy expert advice as the lawyer will help you to make the right decision so that you can take the right steps throughout the legal process.

When the lawyer is on your side, you will have the complicated issues settled and sorted as you will get valuable advice from the lawyer regarding assets, custody, child support and substantial income among others as the lawyer will work efficiently for protecting your interests. Court proceeding generally involves a lot of paperwork and when you hire a family lawyer then he will be able to handle the complexities of paperwork pertaining to the case.

Many Roles of a Alaska Criminal Defense Lawyer

Alaska criminal defense lawyer is an attorney representing the defendant in a criminal trial. Most defense attorneys specialize in criminal defense, and some further narrow their practice to specific types of criminal defense. In the Alaska, they are responsible for representing those who have been accused of crime in court, where a judge and jury will then decide if the defendant is either guilty or innocent.

Alaska Criminal Defense

Criminal defense attorneys in Alaska work with the defendant to develop the best way to minimize the consequences of any unlawful activity the client may have been involved in. If the client is innocent, it is the job criminal defense lawyer to prove that. A criminal defense lawyer may also help to customize a sentence for the defendant that will help to keep them out of future trouble most often the case in juvenile or family court cases.

A good criminal defense lawyer knows the ins and outs of the local court circuit.The roles and responsibilities criminal defense lawyers are evolving with time and can from representing simple cases to difficult and complicated crimes.

The lawyers can handle the following criminal law offenses:

– Drug offenses
Violent crimes
– Sexual offenses or Child Pornography
– White collar offenses
– Juvenile offenses

They can represent drivers all owners of private vehicles against accidents to third parties due to negligence driving. Also known as vehicular manslaughter, vehicular homicide involves the death of an individual due to another person’s negligent operation of a vehicle, or as a result of committing an unlawful act that does not amount to a felony, such as drunk driving. The victim may either be a passenger of the vehicle or a bystander such as a pedestrian, cyclist or a nearby motorist.

inside anchorage AK jail

Whatever the circumstances behind the unfortunate event, an accused individual is entitled to seek help from a competent homicide attorney to ensure a fair and just trial. Depending on the state, an individual convicted of vehicular manslaughter may face several years of incarceration, restitution to the victim’s family, or even capital punishment.

Selecting the best criminal defense lawyer

This will depend on the following;
-experience of the lawyer
Lawyers with experience in the work should be selected for their expertise and long serving.

– Knowledge in various crimes
Those with the crime know how should be given the best priority.
-Cost of hiring the lawyer
Those lawyers with considerable cost are selected since they are the most economical.
-Confidence in representation
Lawyers need to be confident enough to withstand any threats against the from various authorities.

Important Real Estate Laws

real estate law

Real Estate also called immovable property includes the ownership and possession of land along with anything permanently affixed to that land such as buildings, garages, improvements and buildings. Substances that are beneath the land (such as gas, oil, minerals) are also considered permanently attached. However, other items, which can be attached to the land, but are not permanent, such as mobile homes and tool sheds, are not considered to be real property.

Real estate is often considered synonymous with real property as opposed to personal property, which includes all other property and is also called realty.

Real estate is one of the oldest areas of law and contains many archaic terms and concepts. Many consumers find the unfamiliar terms used in the real estate game trifling confusing when they enter the realty market. However, today we find that many of the rights and responsibilities regarding real estate have evolved and been updated as society has changed.

Owning real property –

The real estate law says that when you own property, you have the right to do whatever you want with the land, except what is restricted by the real estate law. You have the right to use the land, rent or lease it, sell or transfer it, use it as collateral for a loan, bequeath it to a beneficiary or even just gift it away. You could also let it sit idle but in some cases, this may infringe on laws imposed by the state.

home for sale

There exist some restrictions imposed by real estate law on owning real property. Although, on one hand, it is said that one can do whatever one wants if he owns the property, there are some restrictions imposed by the government – federal, state, country and local law enforcement agencies.

Violation of the real estate law can result in hefty fines, penalties, injunctions and in some cases even criminal prosecution. The three most common restrictions are:

Zoning– Zoning laws restrict the use of the property with regards to residential, industrial, agricultural or commercial purposes. The size and height of improvements attached to the property are also subject to restriction. Environmental Hazards- This informs you of what materials can be stored on the real property as well as who is responsible for removing environmental hazards from real property. These would include government-regulated materials such as asbestos, lead paint, petro-chemicals, radon and toxic wastes. Public Easement and Right of Way- Some portion of the real property will have to be left open for others to use. Easements and right of way are used to allow access to other property to provide for roads and sidewalks as well as to enable electric/gas/telephone/sewer lines to be installed.

Besides the above-mentioned restrictions, there are also some non-governmental restrictions like those of private parties that may be imposed on the use of your real estate property. For instance a real estate developer will have to decide on lot sizes, architectural design and vehicle parking subject to conditions put up in the purchase contract. The results for violation of private party agreements include an award of damages against the violator and injunctive relief.

In addition to the rights that you attain by owning real estate property, there are also several responsibilities and potential liabilities to others which result through ownership of real property.

You may own property subject to a mortgage. However, if you fail to pay the mortgage, the lender will take the property back. A lien for payment of a debt can be placed against your property. If someone is injured on your property, you may be held liable to the injured person for all damages resulting from your negligence.

Know Your Workers Compensation Laws

workers compensation lawsWorker’s Compensation plans were initiated in an effort to protect both employers and employees. They are beneficial to employers because the plans protect them from lawsuit. This enables them to accurately budget expenses for claims. Employees benefit because they can continue to receive cash payments while injured, along with some or all of related medical costs. While Worker’s Compensation statutes differ between states, the basic remain the same.

In most states, employers contract with private insurance companies for coverage. A few states maintain a public fund, to which employers must contribute, to pay claims to injured workers. Some states use a combination of the two methods. Most employers carry private insurance and the state steps in to cover employers that insurers reject.

In general, workers who are injured on the job, whether from accident or occupational illness, are entitled to receive a percentage of their salary until they can return to work. There is usually a waiting period of several days before the program begins. In some states, payments continue until the employee can resume normal work duties, even if this takes years. Other states pay for a set time frame, after which a lump sum settlement is made if the employee still cannot work.

workers compensation claim form

Medical expenses related to the covered injury or illness are covered in full or in part, depending on the state. Prescriptions, medical equipment, doctors, hospitals, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services are included.

If an employee can work, but not in the position he or she held prior to the injury, most states will provide training to place the employee in a different job. For example, a factory worker who can no longer stand for long periods of time might receive computer training. In most cases, an employee who has been deemed capable of working in this new job must work or forfeit benefits.

Anyone injured in the workplace should report such injury immediately to a member of management. The manager or supervisor will obtain statements from all who witnessed the incident. The injured worker will usually be tested for drugs, since alcohol or illegal drugs are normally grounds for denying a claim. Normally, there are doctors and hospitals designated by the employer or his insurance company for treatment throughout the claim period.

Employees receiving Worker’s Compensation payments are expected to make an effort to recover by following medical instructions, including any recommended therapy programs. In most states, they can be dropped from the program for refusing to attend re-training classes. They can also find payments stopped if they are found capable of doing light duty work and they refuse to work.

If harmed relating to the job, or made sick by toxins or working conditions, it is vital that workers report the injury and file worker’s compensation claims immediately. managers and supervisors should offer workers claims forms to fill out. It can also be beneficial to consult an attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation law, if the worker suspects the employer or the insurance company could challenge his / her claim.